Small Customer Service Gestures That Make a Difference

Small Customer Service Gestures That Make a Difference

Believe it or not, customers notice everything you do—even how your team communicates. From your tone to body language, they can tell when you feel ready to help them or if you’re at work to watch the clock run. Training your team to communicate efficiently and stressing the importance of a positive customer experience creates a more positive atmosphere at your business.

Implement these small customer service gestures that will make a difference in your customer ratings.

Welcome Every Customer

Welcoming your customers as they walk in is super important in customer service. By welcoming every customer and asking an open-ended question, you can build a relationship with the customer. This way, you can pinpoint what they’re looking for and maybe get them to consider more options. Welcoming people as they walk in also opens the floor to your team to introduce deals, discounts, and other promotional opportunities.

Always Ask for Feedback

When working to improve your customer satisfaction, you should know what they’re thinking! Ask your customers for feedback through a survey on their receipt or by asking them to sign up for text messages. You should add an incentive to encourage more people to give you feedback. With their help, you can make improvements to your store and operations.

Create a Customer-Friendly Store Layout

Another small customer service gesture that makes a difference is creating a store layout with the customer and employee in mind. Ensuring that everything is ADA compliant, including your POS system, will help make everyone feel welcome when entering your store. Make sure you have enough floor space for your customers to walk comfortably and some seating in case someone needs to rest their feet as they browse.

Try To Remember Your Loyal Customers

Although you may help many customers daily, your customers will remember you. Creating a relationship with the customer who visits most often is important to the culture of your business. By forming a relationship with loyal customers, you’re more likely to have a positive reputation, meaning those customers could recommend your store or services to someone else. Word-of-mouth will give you a boarder marketing reach and help form possible business relationships.

Random Perks and Tokens of Appreciation

Feeling generous? Share compassion and happiness by treating random customers with tokens of appreciation. Offer a small gift in the bag for those who spend over $100 at your store, or offer a percentage off their service. Showing your customers that you appreciate them will help improve customer satisfaction and keep them coming to your business.

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