Tailwind Business Venture became a developer partner of MX Mobile SDK

Cedar Park, Texas, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tailwind Business Ventures, a software development firm founded in 2004, announced today that it has been certified as an MXmobile Developer Partner by MX, a leader in Open Finance. Announced at the Money Experience Summit 2022, Tailwind has partnered with MX to build MXmobile prototypes – using the new MXmobile Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables financial institutions and fintechs to customize experiences on the MXmobile platform.

Tailwind is one of many first professional software development and consulting firms to establish MXmobile SDK Certified Developer status. This means that Tailwind will be trained on the MX mobile banking platform, SDK tools and development standards. In turn, this will help expand the platform into a wider ecosystem by accelerating the roadmaps of MX customers going to market with MX Mobile.

“We believe the MX mobile banking platform is the best of its kind, and by partnering with MX as a certified MXmobile SDK developer, we will showcase the full potential of mobile banking,” he said. Andrew TullA partner in Tailwind Business Ventures. “Thanks to Tailwind’s incredible engineers and experience in fintech and app development, we look forward to building on MX, ensuring mobile banking is secure, meaningful and personalized for our customers and partners.”

By working with MX as a certified MXmobile SDK developer partner, Tailwind Business Ventures plans to:

  • Make it easier than ever to customize and power the new MX mobile banking experience
  • Help Tailwind customers implement a complete mobile banking application independently
  • Build apps and experiences on MX’s industry-leading platform API
  • Use the components provided by MXmobile for timing management, plug-in framework and communication
  • Take advantage of Tailwind’s expertise and unique knowledge base that MX wants to leverage
  • Expand the capabilities of the MX Mobile Banking platform to a wider ecosystem

In addition to being a certified developer partner, Tailwind and MX have established a referral partnership to collaborate on efforts to promote MXmobile and the full range of MX products and services, including financial management tools, data enhancements and communications. Certified developers undergo extensive training on MX platforms to meet strict compliance and engineering requirements, leading to world-class innovation in financial applications.

“As a leader in open finance, MX is excited to partner with Tailwind for their deep experience, strong global developer base and commitment to excellence,” said Bose Chan, Vice President of Product Partnerships. MX. “Our collaboration with Tailwind will help our mutual customers and partners unlock their product roadmaps, build modern operations and create exceptional financial experiences on a mobile platform that supports an advanced ecosystem.”

About Tailwind Business Ventures

Humanizing software in fintech to solve business challenges. Tailwind Business Ventures provides end-to-end technology solutions for a partner-centric process called “software-as-a-connection”. In an age of automation, Tailwind puts people first. We grow with you by redefining the ideal partnership to solve real-world business challenges together.

About MX

MX Technologies Inc., a leader in open finance, helps organizations everywhere connect to the world’s financial data and turn raw and unstructured data into their most valuable assets to deliver smarter and more personalized financial experiences. MX connects over 13,000 financial institutions and fintechs through the industry’s most reliable and secure data connectivity network. In addition, MX powers 85% of digital banking providers, as well as thousands of banks, credit unions and fintechs, with a total of over 200 million users. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @MX or visit www.mx.com to learn more.


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