The biker fashion trend of fall 2022 breathes new life into motoring elements

There’s a new aesthetic slide in focus for fall: Meet the biker fashion trend of 2022. Comprised of distressed leather items and a dangerous, tough-girl attitude, the style fuses strength with femininity. It’s Rihanna inside Vogue, pregnant and nude, save for moto-motif gloves and a yellow racing jacket. It’s Rosalía that names her third studio album Motomami, a term the singer describes as the unforgiving spirit of a biker chick. Forget it Sons of Anarchy; This year welcomes the girls of a newfound motorcycle club – and they’re hot and ready to go.

Amberly Reese, an expert stylist at Stitch Fix, offers insight on fashion’s moto moment via email. “When most people think about [biker-inspired style,] the first things that come to mind are the essentials: biker jackets, exposed chunky chains, distressed graphic patches and leather galore!” All of these signature sartorial codes, she says, will be prevalent next season – check out the autumn/winter 2022 shows from Chloé, Prada and Alexander McQueen, all dressed leather, moto jackets and no glitter. hardware.

Here’s where the contemporary redux comes in: “While we’re still seeing these traditional elements, the ‘biker’ trend of 2022 also introduces an updated feminine twist on the classic style with denim-on-denim looks, leather jackets paired with skirts flowing and Cyclist-approved accessories,” says Reese, echoing iD’s reporting from last spring. She directs you to consider “grunge-inspired opera gloves” and soft styles of racing-stripe jackets teamed with flared dresses at Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 show. Balmain’s collection from the same season adopted a similarly dichotomous mood, featuring structured corsets akin to body armor and thigh-grazing miniskirts detailed with motocross stitching.


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However, this year’s moto styling nuances don’t stop there. “Today’s iteration of biker fashion also includes a nostalgic Y2K element,” says Reese, confirming that, yes, the Hot Aughts retain their grip on the trend cycle. Check out Louis Vuitton’s “Cruise 2023,” where Nicolas Ghesquière planted the seeds for the return of wrap belts—think more Gwen Stefani circa 2000, less a suburban teenager stalking Hot Topic—and early protective sunglasses. Acne Studios’ Autumn Winter 2022 collection also incorporated an early 2000s feel, albeit with a slight dystopian edge; once shiny silver jewelry, muddy leather fabrications and distressed patchwork denim.

However, the most Y2K-y of all the looks reminiscent of the Fall/Winter 2022 motto was from Diesel. Cropped moto jackets, ripped jeans and low-slung skirts – you can imagine Paris Hilton wearing anything from the edit while cruising the freeway on a hot pink Harley. “There is, of course, that nostalgia factor,” describes freelance fashion writer and editor Jamila Stewart of the glamorous biker collection from helmet label Glenn Martens. “There is so much to reference from the archives and through the lens of pop culture; Because of this, [Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2022] the collection felt authentic and authenticity resonates.”


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“Fashion remains in a constant pendulum swing, and I see ‘bikercore’ as a kind of antithesis to the super polished approach to dressing that we’ve become familiar with in the Instagram age,” Stewart describes. “And,” she adds, ” when you think about the lifestyle of a biker, aesthetically, there’s room for fun and carefree — it’s still cool, but easy.” So if you’ve always wanted to join a motorcycle crew, 2022 is YOUR year. Ahead, more insight from Reese and six convenient ways to liven up your fall wardrobe with the biker fashion trend.

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Tell me about it, Stud

Unsurprisingly, studs are an integral aspect of this year’s motto-obsessed aesthetic. Start with a metal-embellished denim set or a Valentino item emblazoned with the brand’s signature Rockstud. So is the Balenciaga-filled city bag, a relic from Nicolas Ghesquière’s 15-year tenure at the brand that has become somewhat of a fad, emerging from the shadows to become one of the year’s surprises. Of course, you’ll remember the bag as a favorite among Indie Sleaze It girls like Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins over the years.

Rebag, an online platform for buying and selling luxury bags, shares with TZR that “Balenciaga City” is one of the top 25 search terms” on its site. Additionally, Rebag’s data shows that “bags Balenciaga’s Neo Classic City can retain up to 77% of its original value on the secondary market, while Balenciaga City Classic Studs retain up to 68% of their primary market value on resale.”

Better on the skin

“It’s never a crime to rock leather over leather—when it comes to bikercore, more is more,” says Reese. “For those who prefer a bold approach to this trend, head-to-toe black leather ensembles will be a favourite. Others may opt for a more subtle look by incorporating staple items, such as chunky leather moto boots, into their wardrobe.”

The Hot Eights, Refueled

“With the resurgence of Y2K influences, motocross pants are definitely having a moment,” says Stitch Fix’s Reese. Her tip for styling skirts? “Combining moto pants with [your] favorite graphic tee and a pair of combat boots,” she says. “Then, to take the pants from day to night and further play with the hard and soft contrast, swap out the blouse for a silky blouse and finish the look with something that offers extra texture and interest – like a pair of silver ankle boots . “

You’ll also notice a renewed interest in bare leather skirts, shiny metals and punk-y leather belts courtesy of this year’s moto craze.

Silver hardware

“One of the things to keep in mind this season is that silver is the new gold, which lends itself beautifully [2022’s biker fashion trend,] the main elements of which use silver closures and embellishments,” says Reese. “Not only are people wearing more silver jewelry, but we’re also seeing gas station sunglasses,” a trend verified by Kim Kardashian. JUST as it sounds, and “serious gear bag”, too. As for the latter, check out Balenciaga’s silver-plated, buckled, strappy Le Cagole chain bag, which, according to Rebag, “can be worth up to 107% of its retail price minority in the secondary market”.

Off To The Races

In addition to a tough, leather-forward look, the biker trend of 2022 includes the sleeker, motocross style popularized by Spanish singer Rosalía – who, by the way, is proving herself to be quite the trendsetter on all fronts. Think graphic stripes, leather racing jackets and body-hugging sportswear that would be effective for drag racing (no, not the RuPaul kind).

Girl meets Grunge

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when pairing two different aesthetics—the trick is to find a balance that stays true to your personal style,” advises Reese. “Start with a basic piece that you know works well for you; For example, if your style tends to be more feminine, choose a chic dress that you can accessorize with items that usually have a more masculine edge, such as a leather jacket and a bag with details. If you find yourself rocking leather skirts often, balance them out with a feminine camisole to complete the look.”

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