The latest ‘Overwatch 2’ hero is about to start a class war.


This alone will deliberately reduce the potential of the skill. But it is not zero. After a bit of practice with the bots, I could occasionally drag a partner into a pit without dying myself, but it was something I didn’t want to do. However, this only applies to attracting a partner to a local kill.

It’s impossible for the game to prevent Lifeweaver from taking cover and directly into Widowmaker’s line of fire. Or, like the more clumsy Mei, they accidentally screw up their teammate by snapping them from place to place. On that note, characters like Pharah, Bashan, and even Reaper, who can’t move in their final moments; can Dragging in their final moments. Which can be very good or so true Weak.

Short-term risk lifegrip discounts help reduce potential damage, while also limiting towing capacity, but are not a panacea. A Life Weaver can pull their partner off anything. Far away It is something that can pull them. in. D.Va Bomb, Junkrat’s Wheel, May’s Blizzard, Ray’s Fracture, Zaria’s Grave.

That is not the question. That is Your team’s life weaver is about to kill you. That is the question. when is And how often.

Hierarchy of Overwatch decision making

Depending on your role Overtime 2You may have very different reactions to the above sentence. If you’re a tank, like Tercius, chances are you haven’t stopped grumbling since hearing this. (He strongly dislikes his new ability, even after the Lifeweaver explains to Tersius that it’s a safeguard to prevent him from being thrown into a pit.)

On the other hand, if you’re a fan like me, you may finally feel balanced for the first time in your life Overtime Profession. I have more hours with Mercy than any other character. (And to erase the inevitable smear on my honor: Nerfing was a guardian angel. all right , You loudmouth.) And I’m very familiar with the idea of ​​another character’s decision to kill you.

To understand the problem, we need to acknowledge the unspoken variable overtime, These are the roles is not Equally created. There is a smooth hierarchy that determines who gets involved in group fights when and how. Simply put, a tank can get into a fight quickly, and a support can quickly follow, but it’s very hard to convince a tank to let a support fall back from a lost fight.

“Yes, but that’s yours. Choice” Tercius told me, referring to my decision to save Reinhardt-Ahsu as he launched a losing battle. “It is not my choice to be busy with life. It takes away my agency. (Tersius is actually a great Reinhardt and doesn’t do this much, but somewhere I have to express my frustration with Quickplay tanks.)


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