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How a Chinese battery company promotes Turkey’s domestic EVs

2023 is a big year for Turkey, with both the 100th anniversary of the Republic and a general election taking place. It is also the year that the country will begin shipping its first domestic electric car, a sign of continued economic growth.

There are many similarities between the path China took and Turkey’s current path. Both countries are dissatisfied with automotive powerhouses at the bottom of the car supply chain. EVs offer an opportunity to tap into a new and rapidly growing market.

The main difference is that China is ahead in the EV race, Turkey has just entered. That is why Turkey does not go alone. A partnership with Farasis, one of China’s top battery companies, heralds the next step in the two countries’ close economic ties. Read the full story.

– Zei Yang

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Read more about China’s electric vehicle ambitions.

+ How did China dominate the world of electric cars? Hint: Generous government subsidies helped. Read the full story.

+ EV batteries are the next point of tension between China and the US.. The United States wants to get out of gas-powered cars, but it can’t do without Chinese-made batteries. Read the full story.

Podcast: Creating Innovation

In a recent episode of The Machine We Trust, the team meets with people building the next generation of tools for creativity, and explores how these AI models should be trained and deployed to be useful and fair to artists. Listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever you find your podcasts.

It should be read

I’ve scoured the internet for the most entertaining/important/scary/amazing stories about technology today.

1 We already know how to make AI safe
Making research clearer and stronger guidelines are the first steps. (wired $)
+ Currently, progress in robotics lags far behind AI. (Atlantic $)
+ Should AI systems come with security warnings? (MIT Technology Review)

2 China is stopping mergers involving American companies.
It’s a forceful move against the latest US export law. (WSJ$)
+ China is reviewing the security of a top US chip maker. (now $)+ How a security blog gained traction in China. (wired $)

3 Amazon helped kill emissions reduction climate bill.
If passed, the bill would control the data centers. (WP$)
+ Amazon is rebranding giants as ‘small businesses’. (data $)

4 Google is very proud of its supercomputer.
The machine is said to be faster and greener than similar systems from Nvidia. (Reuters)

5 Chatbots’ understanding of non-English languages ​​is shaky.
A group of AI startups want to improve responsiveness to users in other countries. (FT$)

6 The weight loss drug market is exploding.
But the side effects can be brutal. (Atlantic $)
+ Weight loss injections have taken over the internet. But what does this mean for people IRL? (MIT Technology Review)

7 How Europe became a green aviation hub.
The group’s lofty carbon-neutral targets are encouraging startups. (Bloomberg $)
+ Falling lithium prices are good news for EV makers. (WSJ$)+ How new technologies are cleaning up air travel. (MIT Technology Review)

8 in the bitter war on chip design
Researchers debate whether humans or AI design better chips. (IEEE Spectrum)
+ These simple design rules could turn the chip industry on its head. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Marketing students are learning how to go viral online.
Staying one step ahead of the algorithm requires some hard work. (NYT$)

10 Why Pop-Ups Are Popping Up
Cookie notifications and subscription prompt boxes are currently persistent. (The Verge)

Quote of the day

“It’s like a MAGA hat for Twitter.”

—Podcast host Rick Smith Twitter’s blue check mark has become more of an indicator of a person’s credibility, Bloomberg reports.

The big story

Metavas is the next place for body dysmorphia online.

November 2021

In Facebook’s view of the metaverse, we are all connected in an interweaving of the digital and physical worlds. Our digital representations eat, talk, date, shop, and more.

But if these avatars are indeed on their way, we need to face some serious questions about how we present ourselves to others. And how can these virtual versions of ourselves change how we feel about our bodies, for better or worse? Read the full story.

– Tanya Basu

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