Things That Can Cause Your Expansion Joints To Fail

Things That Can Cause Your Expansion Joints To Fail

Expansion joints play a major role in keeping your pipes from enduring the stresses of expanding and contracting. However, joint failure can be a significant problem for you and your operations. You can help prevent such a situation by knowing the things that can cause your expansion joints to fail.

Installation Errors

One thing that can cause the failure of your expansion joint is improper installation. One joint installation mistake to avoid is installing one without the right support or no support at all. This error can cause the infrastructure to buckle under pressure and your joint to fail prematurely.


Another thing that can cause your expansion joint to fail is corrosion. If the expansion joints and bellows elements come in contact with chlorides, they can corrode. This can ultimately lead to failure. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you flush your piping system after the chlorides pass through.


Expansion joints can wear out over time, as they experience many vibrations and a high rate of movement. Over time, this stress can shorten their service life, leaving you needing a replacement sooner than you may have expected.

Improper Use

Users must also install the right expansion joint for the correct application. If you install a joint with the wrong design for a specific temperature or pressure rating, it’ll likely fail since these are outside the range of its function. You can save time and money by getting it right the first time.

Damage During Shipping

An expansion joint may be ready to fail even before you install it. If manufacturers or carriers mishandle it during the packing and shipping process, it may suffer damage that lowers its level of use before it reaches your hands.

Lack of Protection

It helps if you also protect the joint after installing it. If the floor underneath the pipe undergoes resurfacing or regular cleanings that put it in contact with hazardous chemicals or materials, it can experience failure. It’s important to make sure that the joint remains protected.

By being aware of these causes of expansion joint failure, you can prevent errors that could cost you time and money. You’ll be glad you avoided the hassle and kept your pipes running properly.

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