Tips for Your Next Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

Tips for Your Next Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

It’s that time of year again. When the sun starts peeking out from the clouds and coats turn to tank tops, bikers around the country are gearing up for another biking season. While some bikers stick to riding around town, some like to embark on longer journeys.

Riding long distances for days on end is a challenge many motorcycle enthusiasts will try in their lifetimes. Whether traveling from one city to another or planning a cross-country haul, knowing what to expect on the road will help make your trip memorable instead of a mistake.

Whether this is your first time traveling farther distances or you’ve done it for years, it’s always best to remind yourself of the basics of long-distance riding. Here are a few tips for your next long-distance motorcycle trip to keep in your back pocket.

Rest and Inspect

When you’re riding long distances, it’s easy to keep going. The feeling of riding your bike and seeing the various landscapes pass you by is freeing, but you must stop to rest occasionally. Every time you fill your tank, take a break. See an interesting tourist stop? Check it out! Are you feeling hungry or thirsty? Find a restaurant and eat! It’s important to stop and rest your limbs while on this journey.

While resting, remember to inspect your bike for punctured tires, raised cords, or any signs of mechanical trouble. You should also check underneath your motorcycle for any abnormalities.

Build Your Riding Fitness

Most bikers need to remember to improve their riding fitness when embarking on a long-distance journey. Traveling long distances can be taxing physically and mentally, so preparing your mind and body months before the trip is important. We’re not saying you must run 10 miles daily and lift heavy weights, but participating in activities to improve your cardio and muscular endurance is key.

Perform Basic Bike Maintenance

One of the most important tips to remember for your next long-distance motorcycle ride is to perform basic maintenance. There’s nothing worse than preparing to leave and seeing a loose chain or remembering you forgot to change the oil. By performing maintenance before the big journey, you’re decreasing the chances of incidents and accidents on the road.

Prepare for Any Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, it’s not going to stay sunny and warm everywhere you go. It’s important to prepare yourself and your bike for any weather condition. Check the weather ahead of time and add preventative gear, like a waterproof suit or gloves, to keep you dry from the rain. You should also schedule stops when you encounter bad weather.

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