What Are Hydraulics and How Are They Used?

What Are Hydraulics and How Are They Used?

Using mechanical force requires strong materials capable of withstanding high amounts of pressure. However, mechanical devices such as gears and levers tend to break down when moving heavy loads unless built with expensive materials and parts.

To cope with this, many industries use hydraulics, which use fluids to transmit power and deal with increased weight. Since they have fewer moving parts, hydraulics are less likely to break down, making them perfect for big jobs. If you’re wondering what hydraulics are and how they’re used, this guide is for you.


One significant use of hydraulics is in the automotive industry. Vehicles use these systems to pump fluids, run the motor, and brake. Components such as power steering and even suspension can utilize hydraulics to control the vehicle’s movement.

Automotive manufacturing has used hydraulics since the 1950s when Chrysler put them on its Imperial. GM followed soon after with its line of Cadillac cars. Today, most vehicles have the technology to improve their capabilities.


Hydraulics are also extensively used in the manufacturing industry for various purposes. Everything from industrial presses to electricity generation utilizes the technology to minimize the work required on lines. Hydraulic locks improve workplace safety by stopping equipment in place if the power disconnects.

It’s imperative to be aware of the dangers posed by hydraulic systems. Burns or abrasions from ejected fluid can occur. Learning about the common hydraulic equipment mistakes you should avoid will allow you to limit potential dangers to yourself and others.


Construction crews often utilize the power of hydraulics to safely lift and move heavy objects and materials into place. Hydraulic lifts and jacks make it easier for workers to complete tasks without putting themselves in danger.

Heavy equipment such as bulldozers, skid steers, and excavators use hydraulics to improve their pushing capacity. Cranes and backhoes rely heavily on hydraulics to move distant objects without physical ropes or machinery, making them less prone to breakdowns.

You Can Find Hydraulics Nearly Everywhere

Those are just a few places you can find hydraulic equipment. It’s also used in landscaping, agriculture, and aerospace to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

With a clear picture of hydraulics and how they’re helpful, you can take full advantage of their capabilities and get more done.

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