Our Favorite Startups from the YC Winter 2023 Showcase — Part 2

More than 20,000 Applications flew in to Y Combinator, which ended up culling 282 startups for its latest startup. And now we’re getting our first look via a demo date.

The first day’s demos included a healthy dose of artificial intelligence and open source, which unlike previous years was dominated by new fintech companies. This is not entirely surprising; We were less than 10 minutes into demo day before we heard the phrase “cerebral valley.” Our favorites from Wednesday range from EV chargers to credit cards and snowflakes for sensor data.

We now focus on the highlights from the second day. Is crypto back? What happened to the accountant’s technology stack? And are we ready to start talking about cloud marketplaces? Check out our favorites from the second day of testing below and see for yourself.

And please remember that we are not giving investment advice or recommending anyone to join or sponsor. We are having fun.

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