Meet Today’s Real Life Super Woman, Laura Dragu

Laura Dragu- We all want to live our lives, in a passionate way. Playing sports, taking part in curricular activities, and yet trying to maintain a stable growth in our careers. We as humans, have forever tried to taste the fruits of our labors, but fail to inculcate in ourselves discipline, planning and patience.


I am sure the stereotype ‘Jack of all trades’ is far to frequent to our ears! Well, this article here, breaks that very Stereotype. By discussing a fast-rising business mogul Laura Alina Dragu! who found a way to balance both work, life and curricular activities together.


Laura Alina Dragu, worked her life from the very start, being an allrounder and dedicated to self-sustenance. Today, Laura Alina Dragu is an entrepreneur, Co-founder of Healthy Habits (An online marketplace application for fitness), Formerly owned a beauty center (Lauren Domino) and Mega Advertisement Agency (Chi Cerca Trova).


Laura was born on 7th July 1988 in Romania and currently is based in Dubai, UAE.


Astonishingly, Laura Alina Dragu has a unique professional career in various industries such as; Bullion physical precious metals as a trading expert, Motorsports as an event organizer and currently also an investment advisor.


If you thought the above kept her busy round the clock. Think again!


Laura’s ever green passion is seen in all her hobbies, that include Horse Riding, Travelling, Painting, Motor sports including super Cars and Bikes, Fashion, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Well to summarize, Laura Alina Dragu is zealous, ambitious, Unstoppable and a real life superhero that will be an inspiration to millions in times to come.



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