Top 3 Exercises That Someone With Diabetes Can Do at Home

Top 3 Exercises That Someone With Diabetes Can Do at Home

Diabetes is a tough condition to deal with since there’s much to manage. You must juggle many variables in various situations, from buying lancelets so you can take your blood sugar to learning new exercise regimens. Speaking of exercise, we understand that sometimes you want to stay in the house. Fortunately, if you don’t want to hit the gym, you can do plenty of exercise at home. If you’re wondering what exercises someone with diabetes can do at home, we’ve got you covered. Read on below.

Do Some Yoga

While you might feel tempted to head to your local yoga studio and twist yourself into a pretzel, why not spend some time at home? Yoga is a spiritual practice that’s 5,000 years old; why not do poses on your time? The instructor no longer controls the dynamic when you practice yoga at home. You control how quickly or slowly you practice, and it’s as convenient as opening a YouTube video and getting to work. Yoga is a great way to start exercising when you have diabetes.

Walk Around

Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise you can do anytime. You don’t require any equipment, making it low-cost—unless you want to buy a treadmill. Consider getting a Fitbit to encourage you to get your steps in; it’s simple and easy. Make sure you start small; perhaps walk only 10 minutes a day. Then, work your way up to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Walk up and down the stairs, down the hall, or even walk in place. Walking is an easy and simple exercise that people with diabetes can do at home.

Try Pilates

The Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates, who created this program in the 1920s. It’s a low-impact exercise that makes it perfect for someone with diabetes. It also helps you improve your balance—an issue that can occur if you have diabetic neuropathy. In addition, it can strengthen your core muscles. Finally, it’s effective for managing blood sugar, making it a wonderful quality-of-life exercise that can take your diabetic management to the next level.

Try any of these exercises, and you’ll understand why they’re so effective at blowing off steam, keeping you healthy, and helping you manage your symptoms.

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