Youngsters got a chance at the Jackson trade show


JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) – Children in southeast Missouri got a chance to test their entrepreneurial skills on Saturday.

Dozens of children sold handmade items, baked goods and other products at the Kids’ Business Fair in Jackson.

The idea started when a young Jackson resident attended a farmers market and wanted to emulate that for the local kids.

“It gives other kids a chance to show off their skills and talents, and it makes me smile when I see kids being creative, and willing to show off their talents,” Benny Arendt said.

Benny’s parents helped organize the business fair, bringing 28 young vendors to the Jackson Elks Lodge to sell their wares to the public. An event designed to help future business owners.

“We hope that children can share their ideas with their parents, and that their parents can use their ideas and help take care of the next generation of children,” Jamison Arends said.

Many people came out to the event to support the children, they bought many items that the children offered.

“I didn’t expect so many people to come,” said Benny Arends. “It’s really cool that people want to come and actually check this out and support these kids.”

“It’s great that kids can get their products out of Facebook sales or something like that, where you can actually interact with people and it improves their people skills and salesmanship,” Jamison Arends said.

Organizers said the event was a huge success and they hope to return next year.


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