3 Helpful Ergonomic Tips for Retail Business Owners

3 Helpful Ergonomic Tips for Retail Business Owners

When visualizing the ideal retail store interior, it’s easy to think about high-end technology and dedicated team members who will help carry out daily operations. Additionally, you may also consider how you can make retail front-end tasks like scanning and bagging customer items easier for your staff.

Ergonomics isn’t solely about having the right equipment and technology to facilitate operations; it’s also about following best practices to reduce discomfort while working. Here are three helpful ergonomic tips for business owners to try in their workplace.

Provide Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing while working is a typical retail store approach that encourages employees to move during working hours. While this may support a healthy lifestyle, standing for extended periods may actually do more harm than good.

After long hours of scanning and bagging items, it’s probable that employees will develop leg aches and strains. Fortunately, an anti-fatigue mat introduces a softer surface to alleviate fatigue on the legs and body when standing in place.

Review Your POS System

As key components to proper POS retail ergonomics, an employee’s workstation and surrounding equipment should operate in a way that facilitates the checkout process. Scanning items is a repetitive movement that can encourage fatigue and injury.

It would be wise to place electric conveyors near POS systems to reduce reaching and leaning that can cause strains and fatigue. You should also provide adjustable register displays, keyboards, and mobile scanning equipment to accommodate workers with limited mobility.

Provide Stools With Lumbar Support

If you will be providing equipment for store associates to sit on while working, it helps to consider seating solutions with lumbar support. These options can also limit strain on the lower back region and keep employees comfortable while they’re sitting.

Making the workplace safer goes beyond providing traditional safety workshops and training. Business owners can also make stores safer and more comfortable to work in by implementing these three helpful ergonomic tips so that retail workers can enjoy their working environment.

Remember to follow up with team members to discuss new habits and brainstorm new solutions to continue making your retail store a fun place to work.

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