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The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business announced the establishment and designation of the Rose Center for Peer Mentoring at a luncheon at the Leadership Conference last week. Thanks to the generous support of Meredith and Chandler Rose of Raleigh, the announcement ends more than a decade of mentoring programs at the school.

Fifteen years ago, the Campbell University School of Business introduced the first-year seminar and incorporated peer mentoring as a cornerstone of the program. The program demonstrates that peer mentors can play an important role in helping new students develop psychosocially, find belonging, and develop a sense of community and identity. Advisors help connect new students with practical campus resources and provide a valuable source of motivation.

On Sept. 7, the university’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution to name the Rose Center for Peer Mentorship in the business school in honor of Meredith and Chandler Rose for their support of the program and their steadfast commitment to Campbell students.

“You can’t talk about college today without mentioning the word ‘fit.’ The roses ‘fit’ here at Campbell, Nathan Rice, director of institutional advancement, said at the dedication ceremony. “They, like their businesses, are driven by the mission to ‘maximize.’ [their] Blessings’ and their core values, including ‘Grace in Generosity’ and ‘We Are Before Me’. These values ​​align not only with our institution at Campbell, but also with the Center for Peer Counseling.

Meredith Rose, Group Design and Marketing Officer for the Rosewood Family of Companies, promotes the company’s vision of “Multiplying Their Blessings” by creating a work environment that fosters professional growth and inspires excellence by embodying Rosewood’s core values ​​and promoting purpose-driven initiatives. .

“Whether it’s words, time, knowledge, money or your influence, we all have something to give,” she says. “By giving, you are opening doors for a young student to discover new opportunities, gain new insights, learn and grow and develop themselves. We believe the Rose Center for Peer Mentorship does just that. Let these mentors take their time, experience, knowledge, and relationships with the new freshmen to give them the opportunity to have the most fulfilling first year possible. How do you multiply your blessings?”

Meredith Rose is a graduate of the University of Georgia and serves on the Business Advisory Council.

Chandler Rose, CEO of Rosewood Family Group of Companies, said he strives to foster a values-centered culture within the business. His passion for “doing the best you can every day with what you’re given” has inspired him to create companies that are not only successful but uphold values ​​and integrity above all else. It has established a measure of success that focuses on giving back to communities and empowers employees to improve themselves personally and professionally.

He has been recognized by the community on several occasions Triangle Business Journal Executive of the Year, 40 Under 40 and Fast 50. Roses’ philanthropic efforts have been recognized by RTP as a Rosewood Charitable Company. Triangle Business Journal In many cases.

“In the Rosewood family of companies and in my and Meredith’s family, we want to see philanthropy in action,” Chandler Rose said at the center’s dedication. “What better place to see blessings abound than as a college freshman.

“In the year [return] From investing in students’ dreams, we envision the tremendous impact these young students will have as they bless others throughout their lives.

With the support of the Rose family, the Rose Center for Peer Mentoring will grow intentionally. Each Campbell Business student is mentored by a peer, building a thriving community and providing encouragement and motivation as students find a place to fit in.

“Thanks to Rose’s resources and support, we will be able to make a greater impact on our students and our community,” said program director Renee Greene. “It’s inspiring not only to see the impact these mentors have on their mentors, but also to see the growth of peer mentors. By leading others, they become more confident in their own calling and leadership.

Future improvements to the Rose Center for Peer Mentorship will include expanding student leadership among Campbell’s business programs and majors and engaging more students in the process. The framework is now in place to develop the leadership culture in the school in a balanced and unique way.

“We are truly excited and proud to establish the Rose Peer Mentoring Center,” said Kevin O’Mara, Dean of the Business School. Influences and develops students as mentors and mentees.

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