DailyCrunch: After raising $3 million in seed funding, global fintech platform Payday plans to secure licensing in Canada, UK.

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It shows the power of AI in everyone’s mind today and the fact that we are all doomed. Connie It reports that over 1,100 prominent signatories have signed an open letter calling for “a halt to all AI labs for at least 6 months.” Meanwhile, Amanda It examines how everything is “Goncharov” as meme makers are going mainstream with the help of AI.

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TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • The future of work is borderless.Payday, now with $3 million in new capital, plans to expand its Africa-based operations into Canada and the UK. take on He wrote. The company offers remote workers a way to get paid in the currency of their choice.
  • “Alexa, call Grandma.”A new Amazon capability brings T-Mobile customers into the fold to make and receive calls through an Alexa-enabled device. Ivan Reports.
  • Confirmation of new fundsAmazon-backed India-based insurance company Aco is in talks for $120 million in new funding. Manish It has more.

Startups and VCs

With the traditional investment scene dry, founders are looking for more effective ways to reach the right VCs. Thousands of founders have applied for land capital through the Common App; Natasha M Reports. The platform you have been using is racechecks. Founders are invited to apply using a one-minute form that asks for deck, notes and territory. The app then exploded to 16 investors.

Otio, the location-based audio entertainment app founded by actor Kevin Costner and formerly known as HearHere, has raised $5.9 million. The funding was led by iHeartMedia, Aisha Reports. Autio uses GPS to tell the stories of landmarks, cities and nearby towns with the goal of creating deeper connections and understanding of the places users travel.

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Ask Sophie: What to do if selected/not selected in the H-1B lottery?

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

After three attempts, I was finally selected in the H-1B lottery this year! What do we do next?

– Amazing winner

Dear Sophie,

I am on STEM OPT. My employer put me in the H-1B lottery for the third time this year but I was not selected again! what can i do?

– Lottery loser

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Big Tech Inc.

Lots of Google related news today, let’s sum it up, shall we? The TechCrunch audience was especially excited. AishaA story about a new feature on high temperature alerts. why? Maybe it’s because our weather isn’t cooperating with the current month. Meanwhile, Frederick Reports on Google Cloud Launching AloyDB Omni; Ivan It has your sights set on the new Google Ads Transparency Center; Manish Reports on Android Antitrust Case in India; Aisha He writes about new Google search features; And Lorenzo And Carly Filled with stories about hackers using spyware to target users in the UAE.

And with that, we hope you have a Google Day!

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