Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Review: A great instant camera for anyone

One thing I don’t particularly like about the Instax 12 is the look. The body is similar to the Mini 11, with a Bob Ross style, soft cloud vibe to the shape and available colors. It’s fun and playful and I can see why Fuji is using it – turning the camera into something friendly, approachable. He shouts. This is easy and fun! For those like me, who want something more, well, camera-like, there’s always the Instax Mini 40. Or if you want to splurge, the Mini 90. Check out our guide to more fast cameras.

The app

To go along with the Mini 12, Fujifilm has released a new free app called Instax Up. The main function is “Scanner” (M, photograph) which allows you to store and share Instax prints online. If you have photos in other Instax apps, you can import them into Instax Up to keep everything in one place.

Once an image is in the app, you can edit it with a few simple controls, add notes and even geotag it using a map. If you have a large collection of scans, you can filter and search by type of Instax film, date scanned, or tags you’ve added. You can also share the image to any app on your phone.

So yes, now you can even post your Instax selfie on Instagram. So much for real. I get it, I get it. I am old and alone. Fujifilm no doubt has plenty of market research to prove the wisdom of this move. Personally, I deleted the app after confirming for myself that it worked as advertised.

In my world, Instax prints are things that stick to tape walls. And they stay there until the sun fades those moments back into nothingness, leaving only the cold darkness of night and the moments we have etched in our minds. Whatever the case, the Mini 12 is the cheapest and easiest way to get into the world of Instax and remains my top choice for anyone looking for a dead-simple, affordable and incredibly fun instant camera.

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