Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Written Updates, October 13, 2022: Bhavani spikes Pakhi’s drink

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Sonali is told of Bhavani’s strategy. She concocts a cunning scheme to make Sai envious of Virat and Pakhi’s union. They observe Sai and note how uneasy she is in the house. While Sonali likes the thought of her, Bhavani warns that she will make Sai regret going back to Nagpur. Following the accomplishment of their plan, Sonali decides to assist Bhavani, and the two of them giggle as they consider Sai’s predicament. They are keeping a watch on her moves as she approaches Savi and Vinayak in the interim.

Sai is given the cake by Vinayak, who commands her to consume it. She glances towards Virat, who is likewise fixated on her. While Bhavani smirks and claims that the cake will make Sai more bitter, she consumes the cake with a sorrowful heart. She then comes over to Virat and Pakhi’s room and spots the picture frame holding their wedding photos.

Sai thinks back on her marriage to Virat and has flashbacks of her enjoyable times with him. When she sees Pakhi and Virat together, she breaks down in tears and declares that his dream of marrying Pakhi has finally come true. When Ashwini arrives, she teases Sai by telling him it’s rude to look in someone else’s bedroom. Ashwini gave her tips on how to act appropriately as a visitor.

Ashwini receives a suitable response from Sai, who assures her that she is doing appropriately. She makes the declaration that she is aware of her boundaries before leaving. Pulkit, in contrast, meets Sai and respects her choice to leave Savi at the party. He compliments her kid and remarks on how adorable and well-mannered she is.

Sai and Virat then lock eyes when Pulkit answers a phone call and leaves the area. In the meantime, Pulkit confronts Harini about having previously met Sai. She remembers the day she was going to be arrested by the police and becomes frightened. Does he know the truth, she queries? She is relieved as he then switches the subject.

Savi is taken to Vinayak’s room where the picture book is displayed. She also shares pictures from her youth with him and requests to view his as well. He expresses sadness and claims that he is without any. Omkar confronts Bhavani for letting Sai into their home as she walks toward him in the meantime. In order to make fun of her during the party, he poisons a drink and asks her to have a waiter serve it to Sai as she informs him about her scheme.

Everyone lauds Virat and Pakhi for their hot dancing performance. Sai develops enmity towards them and stays away from their performance. She steps aside when Pakhi enters the room and commands the other person to eat. Sai rejects when the waiter approaches and offers her a drink, but she declines to accept it. He was ready to go when Pakhi took it and drank the entire thing, shocking Bhavani and Omkar.

While the alcohol began to have an impact on Pakhi’s mental state, Virat introduced her to his elders. She imbibes and leans against Virat. She tells Virat how much she loves him while everyone glances at her. Sai also keeps an eye on them, and Virat worries about Pakhi. She asks him to remember their previous interactions with her so that she may forget everything and follow him anywhere.

Sai  Savi MEET Kaku  Chavan family during Navratri celebration  Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein
Sai & Savi MEET Kaku & Chavan family during Navratri celebration | Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Precap – After entering Sai’s home, Virat and Pakhi attack her for telling Vinayak about his adoption. The latter is startled, and Virat and Pakhi accuse her of stealing their kid away. Sai forces Virat to leave her and refutes all of the charges. She maintains that she has done nothing and declares that she will locate Vinayak.

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