KNWLS SS23 fuses punk with play at London Fashion Week

It’s called luv string xx.

It’s called luv string xx.

South London-based label KNWLS takes a sharp look at “Y2k star chic” at this season’s London Fashion Week.

The brand’s SS23 line, spearheaded by design duo Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault, features signature staples like low-rise jeans, criss-cross lacework and durable leather uppers. Meanwhile, the collection features ethereal hues and abstract silhouettes, infusing the pieces with forward-thinking avant-garde elements.

The first looks of the show put hazy patterns in the spotlight, setting the tone for exciting grunge with a touch of nostalgia. A breathable dress sets the canvas for the bleached flowers that bloom across the high-contrast dress. This sepia-toned design evokes an old film reel with gleaming metal studs adding a gritty flair.The collection’s bleached designs transform seamlessly into acid-washed denim, transporting us to London’s pop-grunge scene in the early 2000s. Industrial meets delicate in a chunky denim miniskirt, draped over a bodysuit. scissor fade fading across bust. An olive sweater elevates the look with subtle accents on the hem and sleeves, creating a layered effect that ties the look together.KNWLS synthesizes the first half of the show into a multi-dress show of arty punk. The acid wash returns to a frayed Tencel coat that cinches at the waist under a thick, pointed belt. This outer layer drapes in effortless elegance while relying on its heavy-duty qualities. Beneath the coat lies another sepia-toned floral outfit, this one with smaller flowers swirling across a set of matching trousers. The bottoms are light and flattering, a smart contrast to safe denim.

Topping off this outfit is a gold and pure resin bracelet wrap earring designed in collaboration with Parisian jeweler Marco Panconesi. This statement piece feels sassy and dynamic, and highlights the hardware detailing on the trim and channel belt.A nude corset ends the show on an intimate, slightly understated note. The structured garment acts as a centerpiece for the flowy pants and sheer top, both printed with the signature KNWLS cardstock. This look sums up the collection’s focus on air-weighted combinations, a high-contrast pair that the label owns.SS23 is a win for Knowles and Arsenault, whose latest collection is a testament to careful risk-taking. The patterns are both accessible and festive, and KNWLS navigates that difficult place with beautiful confidence.

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