Kolkata-based insurance startup Ginteja Launches WealthBuddy App, Redefining Digital Insurance Distribution in India


Kolkata, July 2023: Ginteja, a leading digital insurance distribution platform based in West Bengal, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Ginteja WealthBuddy mobile app. This state-of-the-art app is now available on Google Playstore, empowering “WealthBuddies” (insurance agents) to offer customers a seamless and comprehensive insurance experience.


The Ginteja WealthBuddy App is a game-changer for insurance professionals, providing them with a one-stop platform to access a wide range of insurance policies such as car insurance, health insurance, bike insurance, life insurance, and more. The app also serves as a vital resource for WealthBuddies, offering helpline numbers and expert support to help them serve their clients better.


“We believe that our WealthBuddies are not just agents; they are protectors and custodians of wealth for our customers. Hence, we chose to call them ‘WealthBuddies,'” said Mr. Keshav Beriwala, Director and Founder of Ginteja. “The Ginteja WealthBuddy App is designed to empower them to be financially independent, working as their own boss from anywhere, anytime.”


At the heart of Ginteja’s vision is the motto “Insurance Sahi Hai!” The company aims to make the right insurance policies affordable for Indians, combating the common misconceptions about insurance in the market. It serves as a bridge, connecting trained WealthBuddies with customers and creating awareness about the necessity of insurance planning.


Ms. Saloni Mittal, Director and Co-founder of Ginteja, highlighted the company’s mission: “Ginteja aims to prioritize customers’ needs, ensuring that no family falls into poverty due to inadequate insurance planning. We are determined to change the narrative surrounding insurance and promote responsible insurance practices.”


The Ginteja WealthBuddy App launch event, held in Kolkata, West Bengal, garnered tremendous enthusiasm amongst agents and industry professionals. The event witnessed the launch of the brand as a rising company from East India, signalling Ginteja’s ambitions to leave a lasting impact on the digital insurance landscape in India.


With an impressive partnership with 30+ leading insurance companies, Ginteja is committed to keeping its promise of delivering authentic and reliable insurance products and services through its digital platform.


Ginteja is on path to be the leading distribution platform in East India by this year’s end, before panning out to other parts of the country, the founders state. With its ambitious plans, the Ginteja WealthBuddy App is set to boost insurance penetration in the country, empowering WealthBuddies and customers alike.


About Ginteja: It was founded in 2021 in Kolkata by entrepreneurs Mr. Keshav Beriwala and Ms. Saloni Mittal, after they graduated from University of California, Berkeley. The company aims to simplify digital insurance distribution, ensuring authenticity and ease for customers. The motto “Insurance Sahi Hai!” underscores Ginteja’s commitment to providing customers with reliable and suitable insurance solutions. With a robust network of 30+ leading insurance partners, Ginteja is poised to be the driving force of change in the digital insurance distribution industry in India.


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