Top Tips To Make Spray Foam Cleanup Easie

Top Tips To Make Spray Foam Cleanup Easier

As a professional spray foam contractor, you want each of your installation jobs to leave your customers satisfied. The way you clean up your job site after a spray foam application is a huge part of whether you leave a positive impact on your customers. However, the cleanup process can be quite tedious, even for spray foam experts. Here are some of the top tips to make spray foam cleanup easier.

Protect the Application Site

One of the best ways to make application site cleanup easier is to take preemptive measures. Before you begin spraying polyurethane foam, start by covering any nearby areas you don’t want the foam to touch. Using spray foam equipment often leads to overspray, which is the small particles of foam that become airborne and cover surrounding surfaces. Place tarps and sheets over the areas you want to protect from overspray to reduce the amount of cleanup you must perform later.

Use Proper Cleaners and Flushing Solutions

Despite covering the area around your application site, you may still experience some slight areas of foam overspray. In these cases, you should have a spray foam dissolvent in your rig to make cleanup easier. Foam cleaners can quickly dissolve overspray to help your installations look neat and presentable. You should also have spray foam cleaner and flushing solutions for cleaning your equipment after each use. Regularly doing this helps prevent foam from curing inside certain parts and increases efficiency for your future spray foam jobs.

Use Tools for Cutting Back Spray Foam

Cutting and trimming spray foam is part of the cleanup process. You’ll find specially designed handsaws in every new spray foam rig on the market because of how effectively they can cut through foam. This saw is particularly effective due to its short, tightly packed serrated edges, which create a quick, clean, and easy cut. However, if you have an older rig or bought one used, you may not have this specialty saw on hand. In this case, you can use most types of handsaws with a serrated blade. Reciprocating saws, CI grinder blades, and angle grinders are also options for spray foam professionals looking for a clean cut.

These tips can help make the spray foam cleanup process easier during your future insulation jobs and more. With these tips, you can conduct even better spray foam installations and encourage more positive customer reviews.

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