The Top 3 Benefits of Scrap Metal for Everyone

The Top 3 Benefits of Scrap Metal for Everyone

Scrap metal is an important commodity on multiple levels. So why don’t we hear about it more often? Instead of recycling scrap, we end up loading up landfills with disused metal. Not only is this a waste, but we’re doing this to our detriment. To encourage the production and proliferation of scrap for greater use, we’ll check out the benefits of scrap metal for everyone here.

Its Impact on the Economy

When you hear “recycle,” you’re likely thinking of recycling pop cans and bottles. However, scrap metal can benefit our economy on both a domestic and global level. According to the US Geological Survey, iron and steel scrap generated an estimated $23 billion in domestic exports and sales in 2022. As it turns out, manufacturers drive the demand and supply of virgin metal, which raises prices for transport, food, construction, and other collective tax-paying sectors. Collecting and reusing scrap metal can promote jobs in these areas. One of the benefits of scrap metal for everyone is its positive impact on the economy.

Its Impact on Sustainability

Scrap metal keeps us from having to source metal through processes that promote using fossil fuels and other pollutants. As we know, mining metals requires people to use fossil fuels, so it’s perfect for helping to preserve the environment. Additionally, scrap can often fulfill all kinds of roles. People can use it for metal decks. Manufacturers can use it to create products that look brand new. You can even get a metal roof made of recycled metal. The possibilities are endless, but the result is the same: recycling scrap metal helps us live more sustainably.

Its Impact on Energy Consumption

The more you recycle metal, the less you need to mine for it. This is great for a few reasons. We already mentioned that it helps the environment by reducing fossil fuels. However, it takes far more energy and work to recycle raw ores than to recycle them at metal recycling facilities. This is energy and work that we can use in other capacities. If you’re worried that it’ll negatively impact the job sector, you should note that the jobs recycling metal creates more than make up for that. In short, there are many ways that metal can benefit us. So if you can do some recycling or speak to your local legislature about it, please do so. It’ll have a positive impact.

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