Marketplaces and search are key channels for UK brands to reach US consumers – Retail Technology Innovation Center

Pitney Bowes has released new data from a BOXpoll survey showing UK retailers’ perceptions of what they’re selling to US consumers.

This shows the continued effectiveness of search (eg Google, Bing) and online marketplaces.

30% of US online shoppers are more likely to find British brands through these two channels, and one in four find British brands through Facebook advertising.

The BOXpoll survey surveyed 400 US-based online shoppers who had bought from UK brands in the past six months.

Around 48% of 57 to 75 year olds – the ‘baby boomer’ generation – find UK brands on marketplaces such as eBay and EC.

27% of Generation Z shoppers discover UK brands through TikTok advertising, while Facebook advertising leads 26% of Baby Boomers and one in four Millennials to discover UK products.

One in three consumers aged 41 to 56 (Generation X) say they have discovered British brands through YouTube advertising.

Influencers are more popular with Millennials and Generation Z than any other age group.

Almost one in five millennials are more likely to find UK brands through Instagram influencers (19%) or TikTok influencers (18%).

Generation Z respondents also respond to influencers, with 12% of UK brands found by Instagram influencers and 16% by TikTok influencers.

Although these groups are more driven by influencers than other age groups, 30% of Millennial respondents and 29% of Generation Z cited search as their most common way to find British brands.

The latest survey follows BOXpoll data released in May which found that one in four Generation Z shoppers and 22% of US millennials shop at UK online retailers at least once a month.

George Berzgall, Senior Vice President International – Pitney Bowes Global E-Commerce, said: “The size of the US market and the attractiveness of British brands offer UK retailers a fantastic growth opportunity.

But sellers need to laser-focus their sales strategies and deliver an amazing cross-border experience with fully discounted costs, real-time tracking and delivery dates to succeed.

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