Michigan Tech hosts a Baja competition to provide students with work experience

Houghton, Mich. (WLUC) – A Michigan Tech (MTU) student-run organization known as Blizzard Baja Enterprise hosts a go-kart-like competition every year.

The MTU students in the program drove off-road single-seaters designed to compete in national competitions.

In Saturday’s race, 22 different universities from across the country competed with 40 vehicles. Racing Director and MTU Senior Hrithik Sawant said that a lot of hard work and long hours go into making these vehicles.

“Weeks, months and even years of engineering go into these cars,” says Sawant. “Teams have pits with parts ready to fix things if they break. Everything is built from the ground up. So that’s the main engineering goal.

Tech says his Baja team has a lot of experience in winning. If you want more information about Baja, you can click here.

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