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After nearly two years of back-to-back cancellations, music festival season is in full swing this summer, with festival goers and fashionistas alike flocking to the summer party scene in serious style, with no shortage of leather, accessories or bright colours.

There’s no doubt that music festivals from around the world have become events where aspiring trendsetters and even celebrities have the chance to express their wild and creative sides when it comes to summer festival outfits. Festival fashion outfit ideas have migrated from being cliche (think a sea of ​​flower crowns) to experimental and unpredictable.

Rave culture has a rich history filled with creativity, out-of-body experiences, inclusion, fashion and, of course, music. And with any culture, it cannot be fully defined without the help of fashion. The rave scene has inspired strange, psychedelic and unconventional styles and trends, mixing bohemian, eclectic, glam rock, gothic and camp fashions, opening up a range of possibilities for music and festival fans.

Outdoor music festivals have long been a rite of passage for young people. From the flower children of the 60s who packed their bags and headed to San Francisco, to young teenagers from all over the country who hopped on Greyhounds and traveled to the Catskills for one of the biggest festivals in music history, Woodstock in the summer of ’69.

Today, music festivals are more common than ever—with notable events like California’s Coachella—in dozens of festivals scheduled this summer across the country. From Lollapalooza (which just wrapped up last weekend in Chicago) to Burning Man in Nevada, Electric Zoo in New York City, Outside Lands in San Francisco to Primavera Sound in Los Angeles, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the festival. options to express youth and capture summer. Here, WWD gathers ideas on what to wear for upcoming music outings.

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