One Card, Endless Possibilities: Hi Profile Cards Revolutionizes Business Networking

Hi Profile Cards, a visionary new enterprise, was born in 2021 from the union of Karan Bansal and Vinita Beri, a husband-and-wife duo steeped in Business Management from the University of Manchester. With their unwavering commitment to sustainability, they set sail on a mission to shake up the status quo of the business card industry.With their creative flair and innovative spirit, they have crafted a game-changer that has the business world abuzz. By weaving together the threads of environmental consciousness and professional savvy, they have created a product that not only leaves a lasting impression but also a positive impact on the planet.


Hi Profile Cards are more than just a business card. They are a symbol of progress, a harbinger of a better tomorrow. They are the embodiment of the old adage that you can have your cake and eat it too. For the modern professional, Hi Profile Cards offer the perfect blend of style and substance, making a statement about who you are, and what you stand for. With their finger on the pulse of the times, Karan and Vinita have set the bar high and raised the stakes in the world of business cards. Their foray into this uncharted territory has set the stage for a new era, where form and function go hand in hand and where creativity meets responsibility.


Gone are the days of endlessly printing and re-printing stacks of paper business cards, only to have them go unused and eventually discarded. Hi Profile Cards offer a smarter, eco-friendly solution with their smart PVC, wooden, or metal visiting cards. By tapping one Hi Profile card on a smartphone, individuals can effortlessly share all their essential contact information, social media profiles, mobile wallet, and even brochures. 


Not only does this eliminate the need for multiple physical cards, but the smart card is also reusable and can be edited by the user at any time, from anywhere. This not only saves trees but also eliminates the cost and waste associated with traditional paper business cards.


Hi Profile Cards are available at competitive prices starting at just ₹599, with the option to upgrade to a premium metal card for ₹2299. This one-time fee includes unlimited usage and editing, and there are no hidden costs. 

You can order online from:  


Additionally, for every sale, Hi Profile Cards plants a tree, contributing to their mission of planting 1 million trees.With over 8000 users and 10,000 trees already planted, Hi Profile Cards is well on its way to making a positive impact on the environment. So why not join the movement and switch to a smart, sustainable business card today?


In conclusion, Karan and Vinita’s innovative solution provides a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards. By simplifying the process of exchanging contact information and promoting sustainability.


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