Programming languages: JavaScript leads demand for UK tech jobs in new role ‘every two minutes’ notice’


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With over 750 new job adverts for software developers posted every day in the UK, JavaScript leads the demand for programming language skills among employers.

According to developer recruitment platform Codeine Game, a new tech job is advertised every two minutes in the UK, with more than half of tech jobs paying at least £50,000 ($60,900) and one in five (20%) £70,000 ($85,300) and above.

The UK is booming in tech investment, with investors putting £89.5 billion into European tech companies by 2021, with a third going to UK companies. Most of these investments are focused on London companies, which as a result, will account for 47.5% of all new technology jobs posted in 2021.

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The majority of tech openings last year were in software development and engineering roles, which increased by 88.2% between 2020 and 2021.

CodingGame’s analysis of available coding roles found that JavaScript continues to reign as the most in-demand programming language, with 33% of all job postings requiring language proficiency.

JavaScript job postings overtook second language Java by 33 percent. Other popular coding languages ​​include Python, C#, and C++.

However, companies are looking for expertise beyond coding prowess, Codingame found. Employers are beginning to place more emphasis on artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based services, as well as skills such as business partnerships and communication.

Incredibly, over 33% of the 30,193 software developer positions currently available are in London. Additionally, 25% of job postings offer a remote work style.

Other UK tech hubs include Edinburgh and Glasgow, which comprise two of the top five tech cities in the UK. Scotland’s impressive technology contribution is the result of record investment in the technology start-up community.

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Codeine Game’s Tech Recruiter Survey confirms the gap between technology professional demand and supply. Filling key positions has been selected as the primary recruitment challenge in 2022.

Although inflation and economic uncertainty have caused many major tech companies to hold back on hiring, Aude Barral, CCO of CodinGame, said demand for software developers remains “red hot”.

However, she cautioned that smaller companies will have to broaden their search and “think outside the box” if they hope to compete with larger companies that can offer higher salaries.

“Identify developers who don’t have the traditional academic background and use talent-based hiring to identify potential in candidates who might not have a typical developer CV,” Baral said.

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