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Vernon L., a well-known stress prevention strategist. Williams can help you prevent stress and burnout. He is an author, speaker and coach known for testing, motivating and equipping clients to overcome stress and burnout. Since his start in business, Vernon has had a reputation for exceeding client expectations and helping people see their problems in a new light. He is the author of eight books including The 7 Top Myths That Perpetuate Anxiety (And How to Get Rid of Them) And The Power of Happiness: 21 Days to Conquer Your Problems. He has created several online courses, including Verno. Prevention of occupational stress And Positive thinking strategies for business owners. Go to for more information

In today’s episode, we hear from Vernon L. Williams, an anti-stress strategist, about the impact of stress on your life, how to better manage it, and how to keep stress in your life. We live in a culture of chronic stress and burnout in the US, especially in the workplace, but it’s not something we should live in. Vernon shares great information for all business owners.

“You can’t change the situation, but you can change your reaction to the situation with your thoughts. Anxiety comes from a disconnect between reality and situations. – Vernon L. Williams

Listen to the podcast below:

Stress Management with Vernon L. Williams

This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • The effects of stress on your health.
  • Preventing, managing stress.
  • Why stress is an issue in American work culture.
  • Myths surrounding stress.
  • Differences between stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Constant tension and burning.
  • The gift of self-awareness.

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Meet Vernon L. Williams:

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