The Best Branded Merchandise Giveaways for Summer

The Best Branded Merchandise Giveaways for Summer

If you’re looking for unique ways to promote your business this summer, consider giving away some fun and seasonal promotional products. Promotional giveaways can often be generic and boring, but tailoring your giveaways to the season helps encourage your customers to use the merch and spread the word about your business. Here are some of the best branded merchandise giveaway ideas for the summer season.

Branded Hats

Everyone needs a trusty baseball cap for summer weather. Baseball caps offer the classic sporty style and protection from the sun all in one package. Therefore, your customers are likely to wear and use your custom hats. Plus, baseball hats are gender neutral, meaning they can appeal to everyone in your target audience. If you’re interested in creating branded hats for your business this summer, start considering the type of customization you want to choose, such as heat transfer vinyl or embroidery styles.

Custom Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are another practical item that everyone needs during the summer. Your customers will be glad to receive a free water bottle with their order or in-store purchase because it’s something they can actively use this time of year. As with branded headwear, water bottles are something people will bring with them everywhere they go during the summer. This will promote your business’s logo and brand recognition.

Promotional Sports Accessories

Sports-themed accessories are some of the best custom merchandise items for a business to give away during the summer. For example, many custom merchandise companies can print your business’s logo or slogan onto a golf ball, frisbee, or another outdoor item. These are perfect additions to your giveaway list for the summer because your customers will be looking to participate in fun outdoor activities. Your customers will remember your business whenever they use your branded sports accessories, which can turn first-time customers into returning buyers.

If you need an innovative marketing strategy this season, remember these fun summer items you can give away with your orders and in-store purchases. Fun giveaways like these can help boost sales, your store’s customer experience, and more.

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