They beat Q1 VC results, but that’s cold comfort for SaaS unicorns.


We are ordinary With the first quarter just days away, a welcome deluge of data has us on the precipice. Starting in early April, TechCrunch+ will analyze data on startup fundraising in the first quarter.

But we’re impatient, so instead of waiting for private market data companies to release their collected reports, we’ve been doing our own research.

The picture from Q1 2023 venture data is one of a measurable decline compared to the end of 2022. Naturally, looking at the first quarter data a little earlier, there is room for fluctuation in the numbers. And if it boosts the totals, March brings something similar to domestic innovation activity.

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That said, the results of our preliminary analysis show how much venture activity has slowed from the year-ago total and how brutal the venture capital market has become for late-stage startups. The largest private market is a stretch between technology companies’ retreating capital pool and an effectively closed exit market.

Let’s preview first quarter venture results, including monthly investment trends for Q1 2023. Then we’ll explore why “not as bad as we expected” is a boon for venture-hungry unicorns. to make!

Q1 2023 How is the venture shaping up?


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