This startup makes high-tech protein out of thin air using solar energy

Microorganisms feed on dissolved hydrogen, and during the process, carbon dioxide is separated from water by electricity. Then it is given minerals that allow the production of amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins. Later, excess moisture is removed from Solein. The result is a dry powder rich in protein.

The food can be grown with almost zero greenhouse gas emissions.

If this electricity comes from solar and wind power, the food can easily be grown with nearly zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In an interview with TechCrunch By September 2022, Vainika Soleil will be compatible with existing food items. “So it’s very common, but it’s small [of a] “A new combination,” he said, “the taste is very simple, very neutral.”

How can Solein fit into an improved food production system? “Grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs are not going anywhere,” Vainika said. TechCrunch. “So going back to the original problem – 80 percent of the food-related problems, whether it’s habitat loss or deforestation or whatever, is related to industrialized animal products… 80 percent of the problem is 20 percent calories because mostly we eat carbohydrates on a calorie basis.

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