Vacmobile Joins Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center’s Accelerated Startup Portfolio

Atlanta — (Business WireVacmobile CorporationA leader in the digital transformation of vaccine and test records, today announced that it has been accepted into the ATDC Accelerate startup portfolio of the Advanced Technology Development Center.

A program of the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, ATDC is Georgia’s state of the technology startup incubator. It helps entrepreneurs learn, launch, scale and succeed by creating viable technology companies.

Founded by Jennifer and Billy Sparks, Vacmobile is a developer of HIPAA-compliant solutions that securely verify and manage digital vaccine and test records. Vacmobile is digitally enabling employers to comply with regulatory requirements and use evidence-based best practices to keep their employees, suppliers, visitors and customers safe. In the United States alone, more than 100 million people are required to provide proof of immunization each year for their work or education.

Vacmobile CEO Jennifer Sparks said, “Vacmobile is honored to join ATDC’s Accelerate program. We are proud to partner with outstanding thought leaders in the Georgia Tech ecosystem. The digital transformation of vaccination records is long overdue and incredibly complex. Georgia Tech’s legacy of technological innovation is globally recognized and we look forward to adding to that tradition of market disruption.

“Vacmobile’s SaaS-based digital vaccine and vaccine tracking solution solves a historically neglected problem for individuals, companies and government entities,” said Greg Jungles, ATDC HealthTech Catalyst. We look forward to helping the Vacmobile team continue their startup journey and welcome you to the ATDC Accelerate program.

Sherry Farrugia, CEO of the Global Center for Medical Innovation, said, “As the CEO of a global medical organization, we know how important vaccination certification is to regulatory and employee safety. The Vacmobile solution solves the vaccination record issues that enterprises have struggled with for decades. The SMART Health Card Their ability to harness the power of network providers with their own patent-pending fraud detection algorithm is unique in the marketplace for self-reported vaccination records that cannot be verified through an API connection.

Vacmobile’s ability to deliver real-time visibility with dashboard reporting – for enterprises large and small – into the health status of their employees, suppliers and visitors ensures employers are meeting regulatory requirements and improving safety for their entire ecosystem. Real-time data collection and reporting provides efficient response times.

About Vacmobile Corporation

Vacmobile Corporation is a developer of globally scalable solutions for securely validating and managing digital vaccine and trial records. Vacmobile is digitally enabling employers to comply with regulatory requirements and use evidence-based best practices to keep employees and customers safe. In the US alone, more than 100 million people are required to provide proof of vaccination each year for their work or education. Three years before the outbreak, CEO Jennifer Sparks recognized the market potential and the need for a digital transformation of vaccination records. Based in the Atlanta metro area, Vacmobile is offering a HIPAA end-to-end digital, cloud-based solution for managing immunization and other health status records from any device. The Vacmobile team brings together government, industry and technology subject matter experts to address this complex problem with innovative and scalable solutions.

About Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the state of Georgia’s technology startup incubator. In the year Founded in 1980 with annual funding by the Georgia General Assembly, ATDC’s mission is to work with entrepreneurs in Georgia to help them learn, start, scale, and create successful technology companies. Since its inception, ATDC has become one of the longest-running and most successful university-affiliated incubators in the United States, graduating startup companies that have raised $3 billion in investment financing and generated more than $12 billion in revenue in the state. Georgia. To learn more, visit

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