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The promotional clothing industry should not be limited to a “one and done” buying mentality. Instead, it’s time to switch to haute couture with a “the more the merrier” mentality for clothing orders! Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) is here to help suggest some promotional apparel pairs to help make multiple purchases and make a win-win fashion statement in the promotional apparel industry.

Let’s start with how to layer the new Fall 2022 KLA styles.

New and versatile Unisex Fleece Quarter Zip (9643) is a fashion statement on its own, but when paired with the KLA Triple T-Shirt, it becomes a complete cozy ensemble for outdoor events. The super soft silk Tri-blend fabric provides a nice lightweight layer and pop of color for the 9643 when worn without a zip. As for decoration, we suggest screen printing graphics in the triple blend and choosing the logo embroidery on the quarter 9643 zip.

Suggested Pairings (9643)

Further, we have Santa Cruz unisex hoodie (9303). The Santa Cruz collection was voted the best fleece on the beach due to its extremely soft and comfortable 80% cotton/20% polyester brushed backing and highly functional 100% cotton face, which allows for a superior print surface. . This collection also offers a wide range of styles, including hoodies and crew necks in popular high volume colors.

The 9303 has a 100% cotton face for premium printability and comes in a gorgeous variety of seven colors, plus four new trendy colors: Denim Antique, Galaxy Purple, Oxblood and Shiitake. The hoodie is lined with jersey and features a natural drawstring and long sleeves with 1×1 kid cuffs for comfortable everyday wear. We recommend layering this premium hoodie with the new 6211 model which comes in 11 complementary colors. The 6210 is also an excellent layering layer if short sleeves are preferred. Overall, both Santa Cruz Fleece and CVC are great!

Young woman sitting on a rock showing off next-level clothing

Suggested Pairings (9303)

Our favorite candidate for pairing is Unisex Laguna Sueded Hoodie (9304). This mid-weight fleece provides a lighter layer when end users just need to shed the chill. Let customers know that the French terry component is what makes this collection a great light and relaxed alternative to other heavier weight wool options, which is why we’re highlighting this style as one of our top picks for layering. It’s the perfect companion to your collection of suede t-shirts. As for accessories, we suggest the 6411 or 6410, which comes in 25 muted colors.

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Suggested Pairings (9304)

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