Why You Should Use Troughed Conveyor Belts

Why You Should Use Troughed Conveyor Belts

Choosing the right conveyor belt for your company’s needs is a tough job. It requires a deep understanding of your business’s products and where they need to go for processing. For many industries, troughed belts are an excellent choice. Learn why you should use troughed conveyor belts in your business.

What Are Troughed Belts?

Troughed belts have shapes that allow them to act like troughs, which are long and narrow open containers. Essentially, the belts sag in the middle, which keeps the product nestled safely in the center. Troughed belts run on rollers that angle in a wide U shape to support the belt.

Protecting Fragile Goods

One of the top reasons to use troughed conveyor belts is that they’re ideal conveyor belts for protecting fragile products. When you put fragile items on a flat conveyor, they tend to smash into the sides and break. Not only does this greatly reduce the quality of your product, but it also creates more carryback. Then, the crumbs from crunched chips and broken rocks end up in the wheels of your belt system.

Seamless Drop-Point Transitions

Conveyor belt systems tend to use different belts at each stage of processing. One of the easiest ways to move products from one stage to another is through a drop point. This is literally a point where items you drop items onto a belt. If you drop items on a troughed belt, your product will be more likely to stay in the belt instead of falling off. The trough is also softer on fragile items.

Excellent High-Volume Transportation

Many businesses can benefit from switching to troughed conveyor belts because of the high volume they can handle. Since the belts have troughed designs, you can pile much more product in them than on a flat surface. Essentially, the belts act like one long, continuous bucket. This makes them excellent at handling high-volume product transportation.

If you’re looking for a way to carry lots of fragile items with as little damage as possible, troughed belts are certainly a good choice for your business. They’re also great for anyone needing to sequence lots of drop points.

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