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Here’s why Dolores Catania is “Done” with Jennifer for Good

Dolores Catania says she is

This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin was hit with a nuclear weapon. Margaret Josephsthe Queen of Jersey Secrets, has decided to expose her husband Bill‘s case. It effectively inflated her world.

At the start of season 12, apparently no one came to Jennifer’s side – including her friend The pains of Catania. In several interviews, Jennifer expressed disappointment in her ally (to Dolores’ annoyance).

Now, as the season draws to a close, Dolores is doing an interview of her own.

Talk to Page sixthe star declared she was “done” with Jennifer forever.

“The way she talked about me was unfair,” Dolores said. “I did reach out to her outside camera and I tried to talk to her as a friend and she said, ‘I’ll see you at the reunion.’

“It was a very crucial moment for me,” she revealed, “to see the person I held so much for and feel like I was there, talking to me like, ‘I’ll take you to the reunion. . ”

Then Dolores addresses Jennifer directly.

“I have been a friend to you on the program since you were on … I left opportunities with you. I had your back when you were indefensible, whether you were in front of me or not, ”the 51-year-old explains. “And that’s how I’m treated.”

In one episode, while Jennifer was crying over the revelation of Bill’s affair, Dolores told her to stop crying. Many viewers felt the comment was too callous.

In her interview with Page sixHowever, Dolores claimed there was more to the story – and she believes Jennifer should have shared it.

“[Jennifer] should have stood up and said, “Listen, I asked her to be hard on me and I asked her to actually stop me from crying.” I’m like, ‘Stop crying. Walk into this house with your head up and your shoulders back, ‘”said the entrepreneur.

“That’s what I told her, ‘Because you’re having a good marriage. It’s something you’ve been through and be proud of. ‘ But it was not like she wanted to take it this season… So, I did not realize it. Sorry.”

The half-apology was followed by an important statement: “I’m done [with her] want [of] the way she treated me. ”

“I feel like it’s probably better for both me and Jen,” Dolores said. “The way I left that reunion is how it will stay. That is how it is. It is good. I do not have to be everyone’s friend. I’m not used to being treated like that by women – sorry – or anyone like that, because I do not deserve it. “

Many fans wonder: is this really the end of Jennifer and Dolores?

Historically, dozens of ‘Housewives’ have thrown friendships out the window (only to pick them up again next season). Maybe the two teammates can find their way back to each other – if the stench of season 12 disappears.

Otherwise, another Bravo duo was officially broken.

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