Dyson Ball Animal 3 more review: high suction, high capacity


My rabbit Lola It has body mass. She has He was killed. SHe knows what it’s like to see light come out of vacuum eyes.

Any rabbit-owner can tell you amazing stories about vacuuming. That particular combination of wool, wild, and hay choked many of my other units to death. During testing, I expected the Dyson Ball Animal 3 Plus to fall into rabbit hairs just like its predecessors. But the first time I turned it on, I knew my bunny had found her match.


The Dyson Ball Animal 3 is more like Terminator. Prepared. Everything. The front rollers have plastic fiber thick vanes designed to prevent clogging. Combined with that heavy machinery, the suction is so powerful that when you turn it on, you can feel the suction of the vacuum itself all the way to the carpet. At 290 watts in high mode (it also has modes for deep-pile and low-pile carpets, as well as hardwood and floor dirt), it’s a third more powerful than Dyson’s popular stick vacuums.

If Ball Animal 3 only had these two features, I’d be very glad that my days of vacuuming to remove clutter halfway through every room are over. But there’s more to its surprisingly sweet handles.

The Animal 3 is quite small for a Dyson vacuum ball, but very dense. It’s a full-size plug-in vacuum, but it has a slim and short profile that’s perfect for tucking into a corner (though at 17 pounds it can be tiring to lift it up and down.) Like the original Dyson vacuum, the Ball Animal 3 comes with a dust collector, too. You can remove and vacuum without touching dust or hair.

Dyson’s signature ball design is another star of the show. Vacuuming around an angry little rabbit can require some careful maneuvering, lots of vacuuming and re-angling to get it where it needs to be. With just the ball you can tilt the vacuum and turn it a little bit, all without getting too close. This maneuverability means it’s great for getting into tight corners, awkward situations, and even a little under the bed.

I’m surprised Lola is A so she didn’t back down from the vacuum. Very loud little thing. Make sure it’s not in direct mode when you turn it on, otherwise you turn it back on and it screams like a tortured man until you start vacuuming.

The first time I vacuumed with the Ball Animal 3, I didn’t even realize I needed to stop and unplug. I checked, just in case. The 1.7 liter canister was completely full, and the detangling vanes in the front rollers were completely clean.

A little more

Photo: Dyson

Just like Dyson’s popular stick vacuum, the Ball Animal 3 Plus (as the name suggests) comes with a bunch of extra attachments. It has one for grooming your pet and one for fabric cleaning and all the usual small blades and brushes. When you plug in an attachment and stand vacuum to clean your car or couch, you won’t lose a single watt of suction, no matter what attachment you use. It is one of only two Dyson Ball pet vacuums available. Another is the Dyson Ball Animal 2.


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