The value of emotional intelligence for business owners


Emotional intelligence is a critical skill that business owners need to succeed in today’s competitive market. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage your own emotions and those of others. It’s an essential tool to help you better understand your customers and employees and make better decisions based on emotional signals.

Meet Carrie Montgomery, brand consultant, creative director, and style architect, and founder of Somatic Style Strategy and The Radiant Brand Method, which teaches business owners how to tap into emotional intelligence to master their nervous system and better express their brand. She helps her clients expand their potential and vision and reach new opportunities.

Montgomery believes that emotional intelligence is essential for entrepreneurs and the success of their businesses because it helps them make bold business decisions. She uses a simple and memorable process to take action: to teach clients how to recognize others and navigate situations, acknowledge, control, and reapproach.

The benefits of emotional intelligence in business

As a business owner, emotional intelligence has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to better understand your customers’ needs. With emotional intelligence, you can more accurately decipher customer behavior and adjust your offerings accordingly. This leads to higher customer satisfaction rates and more sales and revenues. Emotional intelligence makes it easier for you to motivate your employees by understanding their individual needs and responding accordingly. Being emotionally intelligent can lead to better decisions because you can consider the impact of any situation before taking action.

Develop your emotional intelligence

The good news is that anyone can develop emotional intelligence with practice and dedication. Start by recognizing your own feelings. Try writing down how you feel in different situations or talking to a friend or therapist, and then think about how those feelings affect your actions or words. Once you get a good handle on yourself, start paying attention to the feelings of others around you. Listen carefully when they speak, watch their facial expressions, notice their body language, and ask questions or listen non-judgmentally to understand what they are feeling. Then use this knowledge when interacting with them by speaking in a way that reflects their feelings and also offer solutions that meet their needs in the moment.

Without emotional intelligence, you are leaving money on the table

When making decisions in life, emotional intelligence is just as important to consider as intelligence. Simply put, people with strong emotional intelligence understand emotions in themselves and those around them better than those with low emotional intelligence.

This ability to perceive, manage, and even control the thoughts and feelings of others can be useful in business negotiations or when involving other people. Lack of emotional intelligence can cost businesses a lot of money. Success is possible by understanding adequately the emotions and motivations you are trying to connect with.

The bottom line is that emotional intelligence is essential for business owners who want to succeed in today’s competitive market. By recognizing your own and others’ emotions and using this information wisely when making decisions, you can better meet customer needs and foster collaboration among team members. With hard work and practice, anyone can develop their emotional intelligence skills over time, so take the first steps today to incorporate emotional intelligence into your business.


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