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Hello and welcome back to Equity, the startup business podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

  • Stocks were mixed around the world, particularly lower in China on the back of some negative economic data, and lower-than-expected interest rates in the United States thanks to the Federal Reserve. Crypto prices have held recent gains.
  • A busy weekend of Twitter leaks dominate the news cycle. Exactly, and if yes, how much, Twitter might charge verified accounts to keep their badges is a point of discussion right now. Reports that are treated as threats if other development deadlines are not met are doing good for employee morale.
  • It turns out that self-driving cars are still a long way off. I am crying.
  • Startups Zebra Labs and Invigo have raised money, showing that the global startup investment market hasn’t slowed down and that there’s still funding for future endeavors like Zebra’s.
  • Finally, we’re keeping close tabs on the Q4 venture capital cycle. How many unicorns will die if we don’t see a quick recovery?

And that’s our show! More Wednesday!

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