What is your company doing as transformational laws evolve?

Pabi Mogosetti, Country Manager for Universum Global South Africa

Various changes and improvements have been made to the EEA, but many things remain to be discussed. Each company functions as a living entity, its own ecosystem and diversity of species that work together to make things thrive and work for everyone. Like any body, each person has different and unique needs, but basically what makes them work is the makeup of the company, which is the people.

Understand your people

This year is a year of magical rebellion or a serious year. Regardless, it was a year of learning and building the people in the company and building together. When your people feel like they belong and can express themselves and understand themselves honestly without stigma and support from their workplace, they can bring out their best selves (Wellness Survey, Universe, 2022).


Variety is the spice of life, paraphrasing W. Cooper. The faster the world changes and updates, the more we wait to decide, and we find it harder to find a solution that will help us build a truly solid and impressive plan. The pandemic has helped many workers identify skills they already have or are new to. Multiplying job roles helps to create this spice and build a beautiful recipe for companies to prepare and be ready.

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It’s time to build relationships across industries and departments that don’t reduce roles but raise the profile of the company and fill the need for equally qualified individuals within the organization. Your company may have an individual with a more extensive education for the role, but won’t say it for fear of losing their job or some other reason.

Change and be inclusive

Transformation goes beyond EEA and BBEEE regulations. This is an area where organizations need to start from the inside out and decide whether what they are doing now is viable or not. Understand your building blocks and prepare for the changing laws that will come into effect in 2023, with many changes proposed and initiated. Understand who you are and how much you can grow from here and embrace everyone and their differences to bring out the best and be themselves.

Build – one size does not fit all

Where to from here? Sometimes, your answers are very close to you without realizing it. Use your current skills and strategize accordingly. Your people can have the key and expertise to turn your efforts up and down. They are your best assets and can enhance your strategies and build strong people experience to greater heights. When you include them and are clear with ideas, you can identify ambassadors who believe in you and take your company to greater heights.

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